I’d once heard that the purpose of fiction is to combat loneliness. The problem is, fiction simultaneously decreases and increases loneliness at the same time. Such has been the case with Evil Sock Monkeys Inc. for me. Creating my own daily comic strip was daunting task and a huge commitment, but something I wanted to do. A commitment that I’m not longer able to fulfill. Initially, the strip offered me a way to escape from life and give myself a source of creative entertainment. It was a way for me to dream of a one-in-a-million success story: that I could make a name for myself and become successful through the comic. I decided to make the strip for one year; if it took off, I’d keep going. Now two and a half years later, the strip never really launched, but that’s alright, because I still enjoyed drawing and sharing it. It turned into a labor of love. The one thing I always told myself is that I wouldn’t live through the strip and let it interfere with my personal life. The sad (but actually happy) reality is that the strip is now bogging down my personal life. In the past week I’ve only produced two complete strips. So, effective starting tomorrow, Evil Sock Monkeys Inc. will no longer be published daily; I will be publishing it when time allows. I’m looking for different ways to produce the same quality at a faster pace, but that isn’t an easy task. I’m not saying this is the end of Evil Sock Monkeys Inc., but you’ll be seeing new material much more infrequently (unless you’re a syndicate rep or know one that wants to pay me professionally to draw this comic). If you’ve read Evil Sock Monkeys Inc. over the years, thank you for doing so! Your support has been greatly appreciated!

Thank you,