My name is Justin, and I’ve been studying penguins in Antarctica for the past several years. Something is happening there, I’m not sure if it’s global warming, or the influx of technology washing up on shore, but Penguins are getting more intelligent and powerful every day. They’ve developed a business called Evil Sock Monkeys Inc. that designs and develops evil sock monkeys. I have a feeling that global takeover is on their list of things to do, sooner rather than later. This website documents everything that I’m seeing here, therefore, you should read it and hang on it’s every whim. This site may be the key to human survival…

All kidding aside, is a dream of mine that I’ve had since high school; not so much the website, but the actual comic. For the longest time, I’ve had a burning desire to create a world of fun characters, adventures, and storylines. Much of the early ESMI adventures were developed during my junior year of high school, but then were pushed to the back burner due to jobs, college, and the low chance of ever being picked up by a syndicate. Then, I discovered the fine world of webcomics, which is my goal; to make ESMI into a daily webcomic! Time crunches and a 45-60 hour per week job will keep me from a full-time webcomic right now. I’m attempting to update the site with several new comics each week, so check back every couple days!